Prices and Plans

We offer our patients both a Practice Plan package and a ‘Pay As You Go’ service.

We encourage our patients to join the practice plan, as regular check-ups will help maintain good oral health, with the cost spread over six months. It also offers discounts on any further treatment that might be needed every now and then.

Friends and Family

Recommend a friend or family member and get £10 off your next visit for them and for yourself!

Practice Plan (per month)
Adults: includes full exam, scale and polish (twice a year), x-rays, antibiotics and 10% discount off all treatments £15
Children: (as above, plus Fluoride varnish, fissure sealants, and 25% off all treatments) £4.50
Pay as you go
New patient examination £60
Exam Recall (full dental check, gum disease screening and mouth cancer check) £45
S/P (dentist) £48
X-Rays (each) £15
Routine scale and polish £48
Hygiene treatment (Routine) £48
Hygiene treatment (Standard) £95
Hygiene treatment (Extensive) £125
Hygiene treatment (Super extensive) £150
Child Examinations
0 – 4 years (if a parent or guardian attending the practice) FREE
5 – 11 years (includes Flouride varnish) £8
12 – 17 years (includes clean and Flouride varnish) £20
18 – 21 years (students) £30
Emergency appointment (for non-registered patient) £50
Out of hours emergency (for non-registered patient) £130
Extractions £130
Complex extraction £190
White Fillings
Small £120
Medium £180
Large £220
Silver Fillings
Small £110
Medium £160
Large £190
Root canal treatments £400 – £590
Crowns £625
Veneers £375 – £550
Whitening (includes custom made trays and whitening kit) £375